MRI offers a variety of medical, learning and supplement products. Purchase directly from our site by clicking on the following links. You can pay using a credit card or through your Paypal account.

The medical products we represent enable the therapist to treat more effectively, increase energy and well being of their clients/patients, as well as be able to provide symptomatic relief for conditions that might be contraindicated for massage therapy. Our learning products provide step-by-step instructions. Check back for future home study CEU programs available on this website. The supplemental products enhance metabolic function, energize and help detoxify your body.

For information about Advanced Therapies of Mount Dora’s CBD Salve, Oil, and Water, click here.


Economical, lightweight, silicone hand suction set.

Set contains 4 cups. The various sizes allows for better suction control over the body contours. Easy to use, easy to clean.


Ready To Use

Most poular! Chosei-kyu stick-on moxa offers a uniform hot heat indirect moxa. Consists of a 0.4×0.2 dia rolled cylinder of pure moxa on a pentagon shaped sticky base which adheres to the acu-point. The warming moxa heat builds slowly to a momentary acute heat, and then recedes gradually. A hole in the plinth (base) allows the moxa heat to warm the treated points.

$20.00/box of 100

Ion Pellets

Accu-Path and Magrain are commonly used for both ear and body points and may be used for just a few hours to several days. Generally, pellets should be changed every 2 to 3 days to acheive the maximum effect. Before applying, the skin should be thouroughly cleaned with alcohol and the tape applied with a good seal.

The patient may be reminded to gently press or stimulate these pellets occasionally during the day or as otherwise directed.

Sakamura Magrain for ear (and body) points. Available in either silver or 24k gold plated 1.2 mm ion pellets. Magrain Ion Pellets also offer Polarity Agent effects. Supplied on 0.3″ dia clear (transparent) or tan color tape. The perfect health and fitness product!

Silver sedates | Gold tonifies | Steel balances

$22.00/300 silver
$22.00/300 gold
$22.00/300 steel

Shiatsu Chart

Step by step full body Shiatsu for muscle relaxation and systemic detoxification.
Shiatsu chart with acupressure points.



Massage Education
Medical massage video training DVD courses include:
Day of the Neck and Day of the Back, step by step treatment for the neck and shoulders and low back and hip pain.

Extremities DVD courses include:
Treatment of both Upper and Lower Extremities, a step by step treatment for shoulder and arm as well as low back and legs.

Neck and Back DVD
Extremities DVD
Both DVD’s